Element – 6 weeks

Element is 6 weeks in these pictures, but is actually 7 weeks when this posts. She is old enough that Wendy over at can tell me about her personality. Her brother, Sir, is a relaxed cuddle monster. Element however is out to SEE THE WORLD! She is always exploring and looking for new adventures, but when she hears her name is quick to come and see you, for fear she might miss something.

She is smaller then her brother, weighing in right now at JUST under 1lb. The vet said however she is doing fine, just dwarfed by her moose of a brother.

As she gets older her colors keep STRETCHING out, and they look like someone POOFED them on with a paint brush.

All in all so far, it is more fun for pictures now since she is more interactive and you can tell in them. She is no longer just a blob of skin.



Meet Ele’s brother – Sir

Thanks to the folks over at I was convinced it would be better to have two kittens. So the search started for a maine coon for C. Well.. No maine coons where to be found. no breeders emailed back, nothing. (One finally did.. with 9 month old un socialized kittens that she would give us a GREAT deal on *rolls eyes*)

So when we went to visit two weeks ago, over at C got to play with the babies and meet the adults. She was swept away by there personality very fast and fell in love with Elements brother. So she bought her brother and named him (something really long that I cant remember) Sir.

Sir is a “Red” sphynx like his Momma, SheRa.

Sir and Mom

Sir imitating count dracula (RUN ELE! RUN!)

The whole family, Ele, SheRa and Sir (only two in the litter)

My baby dread, Bob Fred The Dread.

As some of you do know, I have grown my hair out long for KC ren fest. I have also made it well known, that it WILL be going up into dread locks once past my shoulders. Well, the time has come, it has reached that fateful length.

Meet Bob Fred the Baby Dread. He was concieved on august 11 2012. My first dread. all natural, no wax no nothing. just back combed!

new born picture!

And someday, I will have super sexy dreads. I love them, I always have.

I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep.

Lots of internal termoil this past few days. matters of the heart are never easy. Emotions are sticky.

Maybe it will all be clear someday. Maybe I will wake up and know it all. Because right now, I feel like somedays I know more about what I dont believe. Then what I do.

I know I stand for human rights, I know I go against the flow. I know in a facedown about what I believe my thoughts wont change. And I know, that can make one unpopular.

me and my liberal friends I suppose.