Bleeding Ink

Feel my words as they pour,
from my finger tips
I bleed tie dye, I bleed ink
Peace love and words
Follow my dancing fingers this day

My little emerald eye surprise
A story behind her eyes
A tale of woe and un-imaginable joy
Pain that has bled, darkness not hindered

Talented in english
Speaking the language of a heart

Flighting through the grass
Barefeet as dirty as they may be
Watch her dreams, Jump to fly through the mind
Roll in the grass, pollen faced child

An emerald eyed surprise
Earth child behind those eyes
giggling bubbling laughter
Shiny steel skin adorations

Poetry as it pours
off my finger tips
Tie me up, I still have my words
Daydreaming in black and white

3/2/12 – age 23 Onikah Dawn