Food Friday #5 Crock pots

So. I am sure many of you caught on to crock pots LONG ago. I grew up with my mom using them. I got married, was given my mom’s crock pot (that was my grandma’s before that.) It is the 1970’s era orange crock pot.

Its this one. And apparently is valued to this person at 62$ plus shipping.

So. That sat around my house for 3 years now. So, China was craving a roast so at farmers market We picked one up. Threw it in the crock pot along with Taters, Onions and Carrots. Set it on high for 5 hours. Turned on low for 2 and then TA DA!


I am hoping to work on learning to use the crock pot more, since I think it is a super valuable tool! It was nice to not have to worry about anything and it took literally 30 minutes to prepare.


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