Music Monday #4

What love really means – JJ Heller



A few years back, a used swag bucks, but stopped. At the time it was hard to earn things and didnt feel worth my time.

9 days ago, I started again. 3 or those days I was absent from the internet world.
in 6 days – I have earned 20$ in Amazon gift cards. That is 20$ FREE for (yeah… you know it) BOOKS! It is not spending any more time on the internet then I have before, its just less time wasted on facebook. More time doing something worth my while.

Link about the monthly max

Today alone, I earned 5$.

Next I am going to be looking into Amazon mechanical turk’s – Another way to earn money doing random tasks online.

Check out

If you want a refferral, let me know.

Food Friday #6 – Buy Local!

Down here we have the farmers market of the Ozarks, there is actually several, but I was told this is the best one to go to. So I went.

This past week we picked up mostly local meat. (Review: We don’t eat much meat, because it is full of steroids and other questionable things and really just isn’t super good for you)
We picked up a bunch of lamb, and 90% lean ground beef (that was from a single cow. Impressive. really it is)

I also got a bit of veggies. Right now though we are kinda stuck getting a lot form the grocery store since its not season yet.

So. yea. Check out your local farmers market!

Buy from them. It is sustainable. It promotes local farmers. Its a bit more expense, but I promise it is worth it!