What a slacker the owner of this blog is…


Oh look! Its the end of jan 2013 and I have not blogged here yet… SLACKER. Oh! But! I have reasons! Many good reasons (Dont we all.) My dog ate my homework… Yup. That’s why I have not blogged.

Or… Maybe part of it is I have had a sinus infection for the last week and the week before that the flu tried to kill me. (okay. not really kill but you know…)

So! 2013! What is it going to bring? I dont know. that is something I am not qualified to answer. Because if in Jan 2012, you would have told me what all was going to happen, I would have first laughed. Then cried. Then contemplated running away.

This \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Would have been my response.

I have kind of made some plans for 2013. They already have me sorta terrified.

As you know (or maybe dont?) I was/am the late bloomer kind. From everything on puberty, to figuring life out. The only thing i didn’t wait forever on, was getting married. But that is another point in it’s entirity.

So for 2013 what is in the books so far?
I am doing an event called Hard Charge in April with my friend Tig.
I am going back to college in the summer. I tried to squeak in for the spring semester but. yeah. didnt happen.
We are moving in march to a three bedroom.
We are getting a canine
I am working on learning photography
I hope to work more on modeling this year
I am hoping to reach goal weight
Run my first 5k
And all in there, visit California, and north dakota.

I am tired reading my own list. so. there. Thats my goals.

oh and do the 365 photo a day challenge. Which, I may need you all to actually kick my butt into having me do. *nod nod* yup yup. thats it. ttfn



In my life, I consider it pretty positive, and easy.
So my frustrations are minor.
Really they are.
I don’t complain much if at all, because I don’t like to focus on the negative things, when I have so much positive.
I also when ever I vocalize them. get ignored -.-