The end of 2012, Welcome 2013

I started this blog just over a year ago, I know so because wordpress wished me happy anniversary :p. Just in case I had forgotten.


In 2012 I achived many things.
I maintained a blog for a year.
I set a reading goal of 24 books, I finished of the year reading 47 books.
I stated the year with my first kindle touch, During 2012, I welcomed home a 3g Kindle touch (Sherlock Tomes), A kindle paperwhite (Glo Words) and recently A 16g Kindle Fire HD (SparkyHD).
We sold my HHR and picked up a new Honda Civic, Our first brand new car as well as my first Honda. My little red sports car.
We moved to Springfield.
I once again got to see the blessing of being home full time, in my bi-weekly trips to kc to do various things. As well as frequenting Branson to help with my grandparents.

I learned HUGE lessions in myself this year as well. Some have been discussed here, Others, have not due to my avoidance of politics and religion on this blog.

I can look back on this 365 days and say this was the very best year of my life. The heart breaks it brough where few but large. The laughter it has brought was un countable. The love that was brought into my life even larger.

I dont hold many expectations for 2013, because I find then that I may be looking for things smaller then will be happening.

In 2013, I hope to begin finishing my A.A degree. I hope to become more out spoken about things I support. I hope to learn (again) to knit, and take up crocheting.

I hope to help China be able to start working from home or working Con’s, which she has discovered is her dream for a job.



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