Winter Solstice.

Today, Is winter solstice. The longest night of the year. The day of Yule, The burning of yule logs. Today is a day to reflect on those lost this past year, who we still carry in our hearts.

In 2007 My family stood by the bed side on Winter Solstice of a Person we loved and cared about very much. We stood by the name of a man who was called Jericho by those near and dear to him. A man who spent his life on the streets, who we met under the front street bridge in KC. A person who brought laughter and love to everyone when he would hug you.

That night, at around 7pm he passed from our earth here. I still have his backpack with his name on it.

Friends are made in the strangest of places, with the most unsuspecting people.

This winter solstice open your heart, to what friendships YOU may be missing by not widening your horizon.

Blessed be you and yours.


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