This is how an angel dies

Anxiety – I have it.
Anxiety – I hate it.
Anxiety – I wish more people understood it.
Mental Illness. I am sorry that you can’t see that I am sick. It doesn’t make it less valid.
You can’t see inside my head the horrendous lies my anxiety tells me.
I can exercise my way out of my depression and into an attention span I figured out.
I can’t out run lies my anxiety feeds me.
What if this person only wants to have lunch with me to stand me up.
Your not loosing weight, the scale broke.
You will never be good enough for your parents.
No one will hire you.
Youre not attractive, its a lie.

That crap, in my head, all the time.

I feel lie somedays I should go and get meds for it. others, I feel like its just another part of my daily life and I can deal.

Its hard when I try and talk about it, because telling a person, “I have this anxiety about this regarding you.” I get looked at, it makes people uncomfortable.

Why is mental health still so taboo?


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