The end of 2012, Welcome 2013

I started this blog just over a year ago, I know so because wordpress wished me happy anniversary :p. Just in case I had forgotten.


In 2012 I achived many things.
I maintained a blog for a year.
I set a reading goal of 24 books, I finished of the year reading 47 books.
I stated the year with my first kindle touch, During 2012, I welcomed home a 3g Kindle touch (Sherlock Tomes), A kindle paperwhite (Glo Words) and recently A 16g Kindle Fire HD (SparkyHD).
We sold my HHR and picked up a new Honda Civic, Our first brand new car as well as my first Honda. My little red sports car.
We moved to Springfield.
I once again got to see the blessing of being home full time, in my bi-weekly trips to kc to do various things. As well as frequenting Branson to help with my grandparents.

I learned HUGE lessions in myself this year as well. Some have been discussed here, Others, have not due to my avoidance of politics and religion on this blog.

I can look back on this 365 days and say this was the very best year of my life. The heart breaks it brough where few but large. The laughter it has brought was un countable. The love that was brought into my life even larger.

I dont hold many expectations for 2013, because I find then that I may be looking for things smaller then will be happening.

In 2013, I hope to begin finishing my A.A degree. I hope to become more out spoken about things I support. I hope to learn (again) to knit, and take up crocheting.

I hope to help China be able to start working from home or working Con’s, which she has discovered is her dream for a job.



Winter Solstice.

Today, Is winter solstice. The longest night of the year. The day of Yule, The burning of yule logs. Today is a day to reflect on those lost this past year, who we still carry in our hearts.

In 2007 My family stood by the bed side on Winter Solstice of a Person we loved and cared about very much. We stood by the name of a man who was called Jericho by those near and dear to him. A man who spent his life on the streets, who we met under the front street bridge in KC. A person who brought laughter and love to everyone when he would hug you.

That night, at around 7pm he passed from our earth here. I still have his backpack with his name on it.

Friends are made in the strangest of places, with the most unsuspecting people.

This winter solstice open your heart, to what friendships YOU may be missing by not widening your horizon.

Blessed be you and yours.

Food Friday #4 – Peppermint Monkey Bread

peppermint monkey bread

peppermint monkey bread

If this wasn’t on your work food area this morning, you work at the WRONG place.
This what was I walked into dear hubby’s work with. He had the higher ups and old co-workers from KC up and they love when I bring food. Usually, they point blank ask M to have me bring food.

So, How do you make this you say?

What you need:
Crescent rolls
Peppermint Mini Marshmallows
Brown sugar
White sugar
Ground cinnamon

Non-stick spray

Pre heat oven to 350.

Take your crescent rolls, and cut each triangle into thirds. Stick two mini marshmallows (or three, or whatever fits) in the middle of each section of dough. Roll the dough up around it.
Do this to how ever many cans of crescent rolls you have.

In a gallon Ziplock bag mix white sugar and cinnamon to taste. You will want enough to be able to shake around the dough, you are going to coat them.

Then, take each of your little dough balls, with the mellows inside. Put them 2 or 3 at a time in the zip lock bag with the cinnamon sugar mix and SHAKE! Coat well and evenly. Then take and put into your pre-non stickified pan.

Once your pan is full of all your little things. Get ready to make the drizzle topping stuff.

Mix brown sugar and butter about 50/50. Mix this by eye until its a thick consistancy but is still runny.
Dribble over all of your dough balls in the pan evenly.

Slide into oven for about 20-30 minutes, check them starting at 20. You want the top to be kinda hard and crunchy but NOT burnt.

When its done, remove from oven and immediately for best results turn upside down onto what ever serving platter you wish.

This is how an angel dies

Anxiety – I have it.
Anxiety – I hate it.
Anxiety – I wish more people understood it.
Mental Illness. I am sorry that you can’t see that I am sick. It doesn’t make it less valid.
You can’t see inside my head the horrendous lies my anxiety tells me.
I can exercise my way out of my depression and into an attention span I figured out.
I can’t out run lies my anxiety feeds me.
What if this person only wants to have lunch with me to stand me up.
Your not loosing weight, the scale broke.
You will never be good enough for your parents.
No one will hire you.
Youre not attractive, its a lie.

That crap, in my head, all the time.

I feel lie somedays I should go and get meds for it. others, I feel like its just another part of my daily life and I can deal.

Its hard when I try and talk about it, because telling a person, “I have this anxiety about this regarding you.” I get looked at, it makes people uncomfortable.

Why is mental health still so taboo?