Thanksgiving with my family tomorrow

Looking back on 2012 I cant ask for anything more then the amazing that has fallen on me.

We moved.
We live in the best apartment ever ( I am so in love with it…)
I got my kitten and China got hers. Element has turned out to be my best fur-end ever.
We started attending the Unitarian church. It is my home away from home and the friend I have made there ar irreplacble. I love it. It is TRUELY non-denominational.
I got my new car Leif, I love him. (yeah… its a boy car with gay pride rainbow stuff all over it… I am sorry dear car… Be secure in your masculinity! BE STRONG Leif!)( I mean really… the residential gay boy is my zebra hat… who has an adorable pink earring…) (Sorry… I derailed…)
I went to California.
I got my butt kicked by Nikki… and now have exsercized in some way every day for almost 2 weeks. ran out of excuses >.>
I learned that this moment is important. Nothing else, not even 5 minutes from now. (I could die before this song is over…)
For national coming out day I got asked if I have relations with pans… Its funny if you get it… if I have to explain it, its not funny.
I survived ren fest. Survived. It was survival. end. of. story.
I have made amazing new friends.
I stopped shutting up about stuff that is important to me

Yes. 2012 was indeed good. There is much left to keep being good…


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