Growing up, my mom said she had read a book a long time back about how coupons are a waste of time. That they don’t save you money. That buying off brand is always cheaper.

I, assumed this was correct. And then my life changed. In march I had a severe food reaction to peanuts. I used to shop at Aldi. I no longer can for a lot of things. They are not very good about labeling the foods.
So, instead of buying some at Aldi and some at Dillons or Walmart, I just go to one store that I can buy name brand products that label.

Name brand products use coupons. I have to buy name brand. I stay at home full time. I have time. I ran out of excuses.

SOO My friend Sammie over at the blog taught a coupon class this last week. It was alot easier then I anticipated. So now I am looking forward to starting this.

Notes from class:
Find a local store that doubles coupons.
In my area those stores are (And you may have them by you!)
– Summer fresh
– Kroger/ Dillons ( Same store)
– Harter house
– Price Cutter

You get the most bang for your buck if you ‘stack’ coupons, or you pair them with items on clearance.

Sales are not always advertised in public. They are simply in the store. You can find out a lot about in store only sales and pretty much everything else you ever wanted to know over at

Binder. Binder. Binder. Binder. or SOMETHING to keep stuff organized. Many people use the baseball card things, but Sammie prints out most of her coupons, so she suggests a 4×6 photo album.
For your Sunday inserts, use a manila envelope with the date of the insert.

That is a nice segway to the next point – DON’T GO BUY A ZILLION NEWSPAPERS. Sammie suggested maybe only like 1 or 2. Don’t buy them on holiday weekends, since they wont have them (Like this weekend). And if you can get a regional paper, like here, we can get the KC star also, do. Instead of a 50 cent off coupon for something from a paper here, you can likely get it 65 cent off from kc. Prices are higher there.

All*you magazine – buy it at walmart it is 1.88 there. Don’t subscribe, you pay more that way. It has coupons in it.

Make sure you have a copy of the coupons policy of the store.

So there ya go! I am looking forward to being able to do my first coupon trip when I get back form California!


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