A full time stay at home wife, What it means to me

November. A month of thankfulness. I am most thankful for my ability to be a stay at home wife. It allows be to do so many things that I am greatful for. It has given me the ability to help care for my grandparents when they have needed it, up coming I will be able to help care for my mom after her hip replacement surgery.

I have been able to volunteer at many different things.

I can read, I can blog, I can learn.

My most favorite of all is being able to keep the house clean, dishes done, and laundry. I get to cook fancy meals (and sometimes its not so fancy…).

At this moment the dishwasher is running, I am sorting laundry, I have a kitten around my feet and I am watching netflix.

I wouldnt trade anything for this, even if it means there is a bit less spending money someday.

It fills my happy up, in a way that nothing else can or will.


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