Ode to Mia AKA The Magic School Car

Mia, The magic school car. So called for the ability to contenually cram stuff inside for moving purposes and everything fit. I kid you not, the amount you can haul in the is insane. And then you unload it and it has the clown car effect for everyone around you, they just stare horrified as more and more things come out of it.

That is actually what Mia looks like, only slate grey… a 2008 chevy HHR.

I bought it march 2009, before I was married. I was sold on the plastic seat covers, good gas mileage, 4 doors, teh ability to have kids and tote them and stuff in it. I love/d this car. It hauled my big dogs in it. It carried home my wedding gifts. It moved us three times. Moved more animals then one car should.

I went to new orleans and back in this car. Ive been to nebraska and back. and many other states. Mia has been a trusty travel car in her younger years. I have been 90k miles in it infact. I have pictures of it turning over to 100k (In louisana in fact)

While googling I found out that the back end does this\/\/\/\/ (I did not know this)

Now, 4 years later. Mia no longer suits my needs. She needs many repairs that are not worth it to us, since our needs are different. I drive so much that a car with many less miles on it. Better gas milage as many new big trips are planned in our future! (I am horridly cursed with Wanderlust. I dont stay put for long. at all.) North Dakota is coming up in spring, we hope for a road trip vacation maybe to texas next summer to visit M’s grandparents.

As I was cleaning it our I felt a twinge of sad as I found a hedgehog bowl inside, from a trip. Some birdseed from Jayden. Soli fur from her trips with me.

I am excited to see what new adventures the new car will bring.


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