Food Friday #2 – Spring roll wraps, california style

Spring roll wraps. I am unsure of is there is anything better… These are un cooked ones, not fried like in the restraunt.

Ingredients – Rice paper spring rolls, found at your local asian market.
Anything else you want to put in them. (alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts etc etc)
A bowl big enough to dig the wrappers into HOT water in.
A work surface.


These are what I used to stuff mine, Krab sticks, cucumber, Mango, Avacado and lettuce.
I cut all these things into long skinny strips. Avacado, its a fight. and its easier to cut it down into quarters and then peel off the skin to get it out and looking nice. (hind site 20/20, you could just smoosh it up anyway…)

NEXT! This is the tricky part, and it can be done alone. However, if you have NOT worked with spring roll wrappers, ask for help this time. They stick to themself, the bowl, the table, your arm. EVERYTHING.

Fill your bowl with hot water (the hotter the better, but you need to put your hands in). And take your spring roll wrapper and submerge is. hold it under for 3-10 seconds. until it feels slippery. Then take it out, and lay it flat. put your ingredients in and wrap it up. and set it aside on a plate.

As you do more of these DONT LET THEM TOUCH, they will stick to each other and tear.

I then took them and cut them in half to stand them up and look fancy, you dont have to though.



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