About our diet (Food on Friday)

I am going to start posting some recipes I make at home. They always seem to be in demand, and I am not disciplined enough to run thirty blogs. So you all just get one! With lots of themes and things! Maybe if I separated them out I would become a famous blogger… Too much work *sigh*.

We at the .Com house here eat chicken, and a fair amount of it. out of out meat consumption 98% is chicken and the rest is either 97/3 ground beef or bacon bits. Our meat consumption is this because of a few reasons, 1) I cant STAND beef or pork for the most part. 2) I love fish, but no one else here does -.- and 3) the amount of hormones and additives in beef and pork doesn’t fly well with this Neo-Hippy. We also eat a lot of vegetarian base meals.

When we moved across state I made a commitment to myself and my family that since being at home would be my full time job, I was altering our diet MAJORLY. Done buying pre packaged, pre made stuff. It was time for a revolution!

Alot of the meals you see here are healthy, or healthier alternatives to recipes.
Based on chicken OR meatless
I am also going to work on trying to incorporate more Vegan meals into our diet. And not crappy ones, yummy ones.

A large part of my inspiration comes from Pintrest, and other food blogs. If you have a recipie you would like me to try, or make more healthy for you, let me know 🙂


One thought on “About our diet (Food on Friday)

  1. Dark Angel says:

    I can’t wait to see the recipes!!

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