Abuse – Intimidation

This covers – Jealousy, Stalking, Possesiveness, Threats, Invading personal space, Use of size, voice or other to frighten.

Jealousy – Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust, but the abuser will say that it is a sign of love. The abuser will question the victim about who they talk to, accuse them of flirting, or be jealous of time spent with their friends, family, or children. The abuser may refuse to let the victim work or go to school for fear of meeting someone else. The abuser may call the victim frequently or drop by unexpectedly. The abuser may accuse the victim of flirting with someone else or having an affair.

Stalking – Defined – Showing up at work, to ‘just visit’. Driving by your home. Showing up uninvited ‘just to check on you’. contenues, unrelenting

Possesiveness – Defined – Not allowing you to talk to other members of the same gender. You can not go out with friends alone. You need to tell where you are at all times

Threats – Defined – If you leave this will happen. If you dont do this I will break up with you. If you ever leave me, I will kill myself. ( I have had personal experience with this)

Sources : http://labmf.org/facts/warning_signs


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