Abuse – A Series

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It has come to my attention recently, that, for something beyond my understanding, in 2012 There seems to be a disturbing amount of emotional abuse in relationships. I feel like we are going backwards, or maybe as a younger person I was simply more un-aware of it. This fallicy of that ‘there is not enough good men in the world’ or ‘not enough good women’ and settling for a low standard of ‘acceptable human’ has become apparent to me.

In this Series, I will try to keep it fairly condensed with a large amount of links to save space and so that you can read what bears relivance to you or those you know. I want to cover a few things:
* Physical abuse – I wont spend a large amount of time on this topic since it is the one that is most taught.
*Emotional abuse – I will tackle this one in depth, This is what has spurred this post
* Sexual Abuse – What DOES count as ‘sexual’ abuse? I hope to clarify that.
* Restriction of freedom – This is a sneaky one that gets slid by a large amount of people
* Destruction of personal property – I am personally interested in learning more about this, since it is not one I am very familar with
* Intimidation – I thought I knew this one, though in breifing and reading about it, This rabbit hole goes further then I suspected
* Abuse of Authority – This one will be a challenge for me…


One thought on “Abuse – A Series

  1. Destruction of property is one my mom warned me about. Mostly its about destroying or throwing away items/pictures that are personal to whoever you’re trying to hurt. Sometimes it seems legitimate like it may be a picture of an ex or family member who isn’t in your life at the moment but things that are still important to you.

    Unfortunately society as a whole will continue to be more and more depraved. The way the Bible talks about the end times our world just will get worse and worse until the end. But it’s always good to try to educate people about avoiding these situations.

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