Catching you up on the past few months of life

Back when I started this blog, oh you know, back in january, It was to document my ‘neo-hippy’ adventures, if you will. Well, since then, A job transfer happened, A room mate happened, Selling my breeding buisness happened, an across state move happened. It threw a wrench in my life. Yup. Thats right, I dont roll with punches well.

We have/had been trying to conceive. Yeah, screw that. I quit. Tried for a year, My hormones are so unbalanced I got frustrated and I quit (for now). Back onto birthcontrol. Hi memory, its nice to have you back! and various other normalities, I missed you!

I put down a deposit on a little Sphynx kitten, Element, I will make post about her here next. She comes home mid october. I am very excited to welcome her to the commune of the .COM.

Fair starts very soon, so my life will get silly crazy fast. and then in a huge whirl wind? It will be over.


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