Abuse – Destruction of property

As Walksintherain Commented on my first post, it gave me a bit of direction to head in this topic.

This includes, taking a picture of you and your ex, maybe your sr highschool dance photo. It means something to you, even if that person is no longer involved in your life at all, and damaging it. By perhaps saying “here, Lets tear this picture and just keep the good part.”

Or a family member who has passed away, they throw away all memories of this person.

To the extream, such as letting the air out of your tires so you cant drive any where, removing the gas tank, setting even your home on fire.

Abuse – Sexual

In this series, I am trying to remain non gender specific, since abuse occurs in all forms of realtionships. So, in this one, this is being fairly un biased. You can be in a M/F relationship, A F/F a M/M a Trans/Trans etc and this is still applicable.

What is Sexual Abuse?
Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures or coerces someone to do something sexually they don’t want to do. It can also refer to behavior that impacts a person’s ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity occurs, including oral sex, rape or restricting access to birth control and condoms.Some examples of sexual assault and abuse are:

Unwanted kissing or touching.
Unwanted rough or violent sexual activity.
Rape or attempted rape.
Refusing to use condoms or restricting someone’s access to birth control.
Keeping someone from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Sexual contact with someone who is very drunk, drugged, unconscious or otherwise unable to give a clear and informed “yes” or “no.”
Threatening or pressuring someone into unwanted sexual activity.
Keep in Mind

Everyone has the right to decide what they do or don’t want to do sexually. Not all sexual assaults are violent “attacks.”
Most victims of sexual assault know the assailant.
Both men and women can be victims of sexual abuse.
Both men and women can be perpetrators of sexual abuse.
Sexual abuse can occur in same-sex and opposite-sex relationships.
Sexual abuse can occur between two people who have been sexual with each other before, including people who are married or dating.


Abuse – Intimidation

This covers – Jealousy, Stalking, Possesiveness, Threats, Invading personal space, Use of size, voice or other to frighten.

Jealousy – Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust, but the abuser will say that it is a sign of love. The abuser will question the victim about who they talk to, accuse them of flirting, or be jealous of time spent with their friends, family, or children. The abuser may refuse to let the victim work or go to school for fear of meeting someone else. The abuser may call the victim frequently or drop by unexpectedly. The abuser may accuse the victim of flirting with someone else or having an affair.

Stalking – Defined – Showing up at work, to ‘just visit’. Driving by your home. Showing up uninvited ‘just to check on you’. contenues, unrelenting

Possesiveness – Defined – Not allowing you to talk to other members of the same gender. You can not go out with friends alone. You need to tell where you are at all times

Threats – Defined – If you leave this will happen. If you dont do this I will break up with you. If you ever leave me, I will kill myself. ( I have had personal experience with this)

Sources : http://labmf.org/facts/warning_signs

Abuse – A Series

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It has come to my attention recently, that, for something beyond my understanding, in 2012 There seems to be a disturbing amount of emotional abuse in relationships. I feel like we are going backwards, or maybe as a younger person I was simply more un-aware of it. This fallicy of that ‘there is not enough good men in the world’ or ‘not enough good women’ and settling for a low standard of ‘acceptable human’ has become apparent to me.

In this Series, I will try to keep it fairly condensed with a large amount of links to save space and so that you can read what bears relivance to you or those you know. I want to cover a few things:
* Physical abuse – I wont spend a large amount of time on this topic since it is the one that is most taught.
*Emotional abuse – I will tackle this one in depth, This is what has spurred this post
* Sexual Abuse – What DOES count as ‘sexual’ abuse? I hope to clarify that.
* Restriction of freedom – This is a sneaky one that gets slid by a large amount of people
* Destruction of personal property – I am personally interested in learning more about this, since it is not one I am very familar with
* Intimidation – I thought I knew this one, though in breifing and reading about it, This rabbit hole goes further then I suspected
* Abuse of Authority – This one will be a challenge for me…