I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep.

Lots of internal termoil this past few days. matters of the heart are never easy. Emotions are sticky.

Maybe it will all be clear someday. Maybe I will wake up and know it all. Because right now, I feel like somedays I know more about what I dont believe. Then what I do.

I know I stand for human rights, I know I go against the flow. I know in a facedown about what I believe my thoughts wont change. And I know, that can make one unpopular.

me and my liberal friends I suppose.


One thought on “I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep.

  1. Robert Cox says:

    I remember a young girl defending her father’s ultraconservative views. She was beginning to reach out and ask my opinion about certain things, but was unwilling to just give in to my thinking and leave her father’s views behind (a good thing since it meant she was thinking for herself). The fact that you find yourself still confused about issues says you are human and still thinking and unwilling to simply take on another’s views. But look where you’ve come from. You’ve come a long way kiddo!!!


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