Welcome To SOUTH WEST MISSOURI!!! (home of the redneck jokes)

Its over. We have moved. We have internet for the first time in almost 8 months. I have a nice home for the first time in ever. I can decorate. I can host parties. I can call it my home. Hopefully for many years.

I start my new job as Domestic goddess of the home. China can look for jobs soon. Mack is still working back and forth through KC.

I get to hang out with Amanda F. I get to meet Amber and her family.

I get to join a new church, UUA on the menu. I get to make new friends.

I have been given a new chance in a new town. And while i realize its not a START OVER. Its new. I am excited. I am at peace with the choice. The most high powers have smiled upon me.

For that I am very thankful


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