Fantasy of writing

PROMPT: Fantasy time. Describe your ideal writing setting. Fill it in to the last detail. Perch yourself on a balcony overlooking the Pacific. Snuggle yourself next to a fire in a richly paneled study. When you finish the description, read it with an eye toward patterns and details. Do you prefer an open or a closed place? Light or dark colors? A sense of freedom or safety? Again, no right answers here.
Heffron, Jack (2011-12-15). The Writer’s Idea Book 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Develop Great Ideas for Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Screenplays (Kindle Locations 644-648). F+W Media, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

12:37:28 PM β€Ž 4/β€Ž29/β€Ž2012

Reality of where I write. Where Ever the fancy strikes me πŸ™‚ I have my laptop with me most all of the time. Two days ago (I have done this writing thing three days in a row. I am a nifty person eh?) I wrote in bed with Mack snuggled next to me reading Tom clancy. Yesterday morning I wrote on my Grandparents back purch. The squirrels where running around, and to be truthful had me slightly (very) concerned about a viscous attack on my toes. Today, it is 12:41. I was reading ‘Never look away:A thriller.’ by Linwood Barclay. I am about 83% into it and likely will finish it on the rest of the car ride back to kansas city. or at least today. Iwill stay away until it is finished! So, as I said, today a I am writing someoplace on hwy7 in mid missouri, in my car as my husband drives.

I also enjoy writing in busy Cafe’s and restaraunts where there is LOADS of people and chattering.

The Fantasy of where I want to write: I suppose this varys greatly on if I am using paper and a pen, or a computer. As I explored previously, My trust in paper and pen has been hurt deeply in the past. I feellike since I can password lock my computer and hide files, that at least, it is semi safe This is likely a false sense of security however. Iknow the FBI can have there way no matter WHAT! For the intent of this prompt I will say I am using the laptop. But for the purpose of this fantasy (Its MY world. I can do what I want!) pretend that I write in a leather back journal with a pentagram and earth on the front. The pages are un finished and rough, unbleached as well. I write with a feather pen from some random bird. A raven is my victim this time. I use blackberrys for ink. (Romantic isnt it…) We are out in the wilderness and I have on leather sandels tied on by strings (imangine native earth style if you will), in a light red leather. I have on a petal light green skirt, my top is a bodice style with one shoulder made of leaves and animal hide (rabbit as its most plentiful). Hair pulled back in natural tiny dreads down to mid back. Snuggled inside the curve of a HUGE pine tree, the largest amongst the forest. So many in fact, that as you run, prance and pad about there cushon of pine needles fallen, makes your steps silent. Only slivers of light creep through the branches and needles above, but there is still eonugh to offer a general glow of light. The rabbits bounce through the leaves as I weave my tales of thoughts, wit, prose and novel. Occasionally a fellow nymph or fae prances through the woods to visit as I live in my part of the wood.


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