How the Amazon Kindle Changed my life (Prompt)

8:43am 4/28/12

To be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. My mom said her writng teacher told her that. I read often, thanks to my trusty kindle, Buzz Bookyear (He takes me to infinity! and BEYOND!) It makes my life very emcompassed by words. I read words, I speak words, I write words. I enjoy language so much I even infact desire very strongly to retrn to some classes to be an American Sign Language interpreture.
I originally didnt know where this entry would go, its strange how they seem to take shape immediately. you simply just have to sit down and do it and not be critical. Amusing.
Earlier this week a member from my book club, Connie I think, asked how did you ‘Meet’ your Kindle? and how has that effected you an your life?
I had stopped reading about my junior year of highschool (strangly the same time roughly I stopped writing… seems to be a thread there eh?). As I got older I still tried to go by the library but I would never really get my books read, and the library would always send angry letters about how I was LATE! LATE DAMMIT! (They wanted money)
In october of 2011 maybe pushing november? In time for Christmas regardless. Amazon announced and staretd doing commercials for the NEW $79 baby K and the $99 NEW Kindle Touch. Dad mentioned it to me a few times, I saw the commercial a few times. I came home from Slidell, LA (hedgehogs trip) and had one hundred extra dollars. So I decided I would swing by Best Buy (#IABHOREBESTBUY) and grab the kindle touch. So in I go, having to shove off everyone that so I didnt need anything else I just wanted the kindle! THAT IS ALL! I barely escaped with my life.
Little did I know that my dear Buzz would change my life. He introduced me to online book lending, the market of free e-pub books, and book buying at a great price.
My goal on good reads this year is to read 24 books. 2 a month. I am 14% ahead so far. It is certainly not the 125 that Patrica mentioned, but hey, for me? Its perfect.

Ended 8:57


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