Take my dreams, Come and give them wings

Long time, no post 😛

Things in life have gotten hecktic and busy all at the very same time. I finished a play I was in, in the month or march I play a witch named myrtle. She was an insult to all witches everywhere 😛

Auditions for ren fest happened, the Kanchiskara is cast, I am BiBi Sindri to them. I will be drumming with one of the girls likely and perhaps dancing some as well.

Weightloss stalled at 15 pounds. I need to get it together, or i wont like how I look come fall :/

Candace is back in life and oh how I have missed her so.

I got a new aptop so hopefully blog posts wont be so sparse. I will be able to type them up any time and post by just running to mcdonalds or someplace with internet.

My goal is to start posting some book reviews and theme days, such as wordless wendsdays. No promises, dont hold me. Ill get shot for fauilure 😛

it looks like there is a job transfer in our future.

I have foster kittens, six of them, that are starting to walk. and two are LOUD

Love, hugs, kisses and all that jazz ❤


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