Why I perform



I chose the word perform for this title over ‘act’ or ‘actress’. Because I feel I do so much more then simply ‘act’ I am a versitil performer.

I can perform scripted plays.
I can improve.

I can dance.

I can historically reenact.

I can become who I am in truth, or who I want to be.

I can write a story spanning an entire life time or a character from my mind.



I perform because no matter how crummy my day has been up to the moment I step on stage. The instant my foot hits my area, I am who I am. It doesnt matter any more. I am free. I am silly, ditzy and clueless.  I live in the dirt with my very best friend Icky.


I walk off stage, I wash my face (or I may not and go out in public anyway… OOPS) and I am myself again.


Why do I do it? At times I feel, simply because I know nothing else. It has been a part of my life since I was 3. I was in my first major production at 4, Little Orphan Annie.

Acting became the breath inside my lungs, and the beating of my heart in 2011. It turned into what coarsed through my veins. I became a member of KCRF. It is not a ‘hobby’ it is life blood. I want nothing more on the week of a parade, then for it to be parade day. I have never felt so alive then I do for that simple few hours. My face hurts from laughing. I am on a high like nothing else. My ego could be biger then the world could hold. I wouldnt trade it for the world.


So this week, today specifically. In which I am so worn ut fro opening week this past week. That all I dream of doing is sleeping? I will be going to monday night dinner to see my family. To see the people I live in dirt lanes with.




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