Things that I struggle with (yeah, its kind of sappy)

I struggle with feeling worth, I feel like because I am bad at school, that I can’t have a job of value.

I have issues with people pleasing, I will run myself sick and near death to make someone happy. If I can do ANYTHING (no matter how foolish) to make someone what I think, happy, I will do it. I am a sucker for knowing I am the cause of a smile. Really, its not a good trait. It gets me in trouble.

I hurt when I am told things like “well, if you where skinnier you might be able to…” insert stupid crap here. It hurts to not feel like people think I am attractive (yeah, its shallow, I know). The answer “youre married, it shouldnt matter” sucks as an answer as well.

I want desperatly to be a mom, I know its normal, but I am frustrated with my body (no lectures needed here please and thanks)

I hate that the world makes it near impossible for a woman to stay at home.

I feel like I am a ‘bad person’ often, because I feel like the things I CARE about, are stupid and I should worry about things more important.

Did I mention I am a people pleaser?

I feel like I am not a good enough writer, because I obviously dont have a job as a journalist (my dream job)


One thought on “Things that I struggle with (yeah, its kind of sappy)

  1. I hate that its near impossible to stay home too 😦

    I think you have a very fulfilling life (or at least you do a lot of fulfilling things).Just because you don’t do well at school doesn’t make you unqualified for work. And there are lots of good writers that don’t have jobs as journalist. This is a tough economy and there’s an absurd amount of people not working right now or people working for free. Even attorneys (who spend an absurd amount of time in school) are having trouble finding jobs right now. I know this doesn’t make your situation a whole lot of easier I’m just trying to cheer you up – you’re not the only one having trouble finding a job an its not just because you don’t have a degree.

    I think you’re very attractive!! 🙂 I know you’re feeling motivated to lose some weight but I think you defiantly have always looked attractive and I think you look more attractive now than when you weighed 98-101 lbs. “Skinny” isn’t the only attribute of “attractive.”

    I’m sorry some people are mean and sucky!!

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