-confessions of an ALMOST-Minimalist-


I would consider my husband and I to be pretty close to ‘minimalists’. I am not going o go all in and say we are full on, because we do have a fair amount of money invested in our animals. But other than that, we are pretty close. I have a small array of clothing that can all be layered, mixed, matched, etc to make many outfits. Most (95%) is used. We just signed a new lease for a house in a small town in north-northland,Mo. It is huge, if you ask us. about 1000-1200sq ft. 3 bedrooms, bath,kitchen,dining room, living room, laundry room and porch. there is an old furnace that at the current temps of 11 degrees here, the furnace is doing awesome to keep the house at 65. Space heaters.

We are repainting it ourself and redoing the wood floor to save a large amount on a deposit. It has been a blast, the friends and laughs are irreplaceble. almost enough to make me want to form a team and volenteer my time to do this for other people… provided all sillyness is included 🙂

My husband and I have two cars. Both, paid for. We are considering a third, a second ‘economy car’. But we dont have it.

Thrift stores? Used things? DIY? We love that stuff!

Homeschooling is on my agenda, no secret I am sure. As is breast feeding as long as I can, co-sleeping, and cloth diapers. All things I consider important, oh yes, and a paid for home birth with midwife (thanks missouri for letting that be a legal choice for me.) Baby wearing, attachment parenting. No cry-it-out, no physical undo punishment.

I am excited for living near an amish village – less need for big chain stores and more chances to buy in bulk. I right now, am supposed to be working on a meal plan (HA!). I love meal planning, you can save lots of money.

We get by on one decent salary, no debt, no credit cards. Its either we have the cash… or we dont. I shop at aldi. I buy in bulk. I work 15 hours or so at a day care, its our spending money. We dont do without. We also dont have excess.

I hope the baby we hope to have this year grows up with an appreciation for what we have been blessed with and not whining about WHY s/he has to SHARE the room with his or her same gendered sibling… (I will flat out inform them to DEAL)

Welcome to our new life Harmon clan, We are waiting for you to decide to arrive Litte One (that means… you need to be concieved first 🙂


Raising my own feeders

With the move coming up in just under a month the time has come to do something I have (ver ylazily) delayed until this point in life. Raising my own feeders. Though the house may only be ten minutes uo the road from here, that makes the trip into gladstone for live feeders rediculalessly long. I spend way too much a Month on feeders when therei n no way possible would I be able to spend that much feeding three coloneys of 1.3 rats. I would likely even then have extras to sell.

So today, I am off to set up two coloneys of rats. (maybe just one full one, I dont know yet)

I will also bee hoping to start growing my own mealies as small feeder insects in hope of getting some tree frogs for the living room as well.