crunchy: The characteristics of a neo hippy.

The first post on a blog is ALWAYS the hardest for me because I feel like I wont attract (or keep for that matter) readers. Everyone likes readers! Especilly if you get to meet new people that way.

I will start with things I am passionate about and that you are likely to hear about:

I am a social liberal, fiscal conservative. It means I stand for humans and animals rights but I would also enjoy it if you kept your hands out of my pocket. If I do not agree with your choice, I will inform you on reasons you should probably make a better choice, but in the end I will still defend a right to make that decision ( Even if it is REALLY stupid. Freedom. ‘Nuff said.).

I am an Earthbound-Hippie-Christian oriented person for religion. Don’t ask loads of questions, I am still finding answers 🙂 I believe in religous co-exsistance. Me shoving things down your throat does no one any good.

I enjoy crafts to a huge extent. Pintrest is my new favorite website, so is cut out+keep.

I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world! Some of my favorite places to do this, that you will likely hear referred to, are the following:, It’s my Ball Python forum. Family is there. It is a bond stronger than anything to me., Again, Its family. ToyVoyagers are a pretty nifty thing I do also. In short, It is little stuffed animals that go on adventures, you take pictures, post them on there travel log and they can go all over the world. I also joined a natural living/Mothering forum called Still new there, but they are pretty neat ladies!

Animals. I can’t speak enough of how important they are in my life. Ask me about them, I would love to teach you.

Becoming a Mom is something I have  calling to do/be. Adoption and foster care I hope to be a large part of building my family.


Thats all I can think of for now.

– Oni




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