1000 gifts

My Friend Jessica at her blog Has for the past 6 months been doing something called the 1000 gift challenge. She is WAY beyond 1000 now, almost at 2000. But I decided to start some place. I have anote book to be able to write things down. It may take a while to get in the hang of it. But I will go for it. Basically it is being grateful for every gift you have, no matter how small or abstract.

1. My bird can make water droplet noises – I am reminded I have running water
2. Internet to be able to post blog updates on
3. A computer that works
4. My Nephew Thomas who is five weeks old
5. My Niece Amanda who is 17 months old
6. That I was able to love and logic Jacob today in WHY he shouldn’t hit his brother.
7. Tomorrow I am going to my first protest/rally in my life
8. I live in a country that allows me to do such
9. That I was born to be who I am
10. I have a faith in a higher power
11. That I have women in my life who, in very different ways, have helped me become who I am today
12. I have a church family that has adored (maybe a strong word… welcomed? :P) me since age 9… With all that that entails…
13. I have a best friend who would do anything for me
14. I have a warm toasty roof over my head
15. I cooked dinner tonight… I made it up in fact 🙂
16. I have amazing forum familys
17. That I set off Heidies ‘safe eyes’ program on her compuer by reading natural mommy articles. *giggle* it said the page said the word ‘breast’ too much. (it was on breast feeding)
18. M nightmare before christmas plugs
19. my snug piercing
20. my hedgehog tat
21. My vertical industrial
22. My nose piercing
23. My septum piercing
24. My first body piercing, my belly button
25. The college I was at when I got number 24 done 🙂
26. That I have a capable body artist to have done those things for me
27. That I have a job as a private nanny/baby sitter
28. My job at daycare
29. Owning my own buisness
30. I have a keyboard to type number 30


crunchy: The characteristics of a neo hippy.

The first post on a blog is ALWAYS the hardest for me because I feel like I wont attract (or keep for that matter) readers. Everyone likes readers! Especilly if you get to meet new people that way.

I will start with things I am passionate about and that you are likely to hear about:

I am a social liberal, fiscal conservative. It means I stand for humans and animals rights but I would also enjoy it if you kept your hands out of my pocket. If I do not agree with your choice, I will inform you on reasons you should probably make a better choice, but in the end I will still defend a right to make that decision ( Even if it is REALLY stupid. Freedom. ‘Nuff said.).

I am an Earthbound-Hippie-Christian oriented person for religion. Don’t ask loads of questions, I am still finding answers 🙂 I believe in religous co-exsistance. Me shoving things down your throat does no one any good.

I enjoy crafts to a huge extent. Pintrest is my new favorite website, so is cut out+keep.

I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world! Some of my favorite places to do this, that you will likely hear referred to, are the following: Bp.net, It’s my Ball Python forum. Family is there. It is a bond stronger than anything to me. Hedgehogworld.com, Again, Its family. ToyVoyagers are a pretty nifty thing I do also. In short, It is little stuffed animals that go on adventures, you take pictures, post them on there travel log and they can go all over the world. I also joined a natural living/Mothering forum called Mothering.com Still new there, but they are pretty neat ladies!

Animals. I can’t speak enough of how important they are in my life. Ask me about them, I would love to teach you.

Becoming a Mom is something I have  calling to do/be. Adoption and foster care I hope to be a large part of building my family.


Thats all I can think of for now.

– Oni



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